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p s proefrock architecture

p s proefrock architecture llc is a practice offering a full range of architectural services as well as architectural photography and sustainability consulting.

The Italia9 was created as an entry for the FreeGreen plan competition. The plan is for a 3-bedroom, 2000 square foot house with a specific requirements for a traditional appearing exterior with a contemporary interior.
Renovation plan for Workantile Exchange coworking space. The existing space was able to be expanded when a cmall coffee shop vacated the front corner of the space they had been occupying. The renovation creates a more casual workspace at the front, separated from a more formal working area behind with wire glass panels that allow passers-by a deep view into the space.
Kitchen remodel for an existing residence to create a more flexible and useful work area and improved storage.
Schematic investigation for a commercial office renovation. Existing former light industrial building to be converted to office use for a non-profit organization along with renovations to improve energy efficiency and green building characteristics.